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Advantage of UV Light Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet air purifiers offer a collection of uniquely effective benefits for air purity and household (or business) health. In this blog entry, the Chicago air duct and HVAC system cleaning professionals here at Air Flows Chicago will detail some of the main benefits of installing an ultraviolet light air purification system at your Chicago area home or business.

Improving Air Freshness

A broad range of particles can cause bad air odors that can stick around your home and even cause furniture or clothes to smell bad. These smells can even stick around after you clean your home, as the particles stay inside your home. Ultraviolet air purifiers help to purify indoor air by removing nasty smelling particuels from the air, lowering odor intensity, and oxidizing dangerous compounds in the air into safer ones..

Easy Maintenance

Air filters have to be maintained and changed twice annually to prevent dangerous particles from flowing throughout interior air. UV air purifiers have easier maintenance – as they use light instead of filters to purify air. With ultraviolet air purifiers, simply replace lightbulbs once every few years – which is super easy. It’s likely that you’ll never see any lowering in how well the UV filter works.

Cleaning Reduction
Typical air purification systems still allow debris and dirt to circulate within your home’s air, allowing it to fall on furniture, causing your home to look dirtier. Ultraviolet air purification systems lowers your need to clean, meaning instead of having to vacuum every couple days, you can take longer breaks between cleaning, as your house will look much cleaner for much longer.
Increased Health
Air impurities or particulate debris can cause asthma or allergies to affect your lungs. An improvement in indoor air quality can improve the health of all of your household members – especially if poor home air quality has been causing health issues like respiratory disease. You can additionally eliminate a large degree of the floating germs that cause diseases through the sanitization process of an ultraviolet air purifier – destroying germs that cause the flu, the common cold, measles, and even tuberculosis! This will help make your entire living environment far healthier.

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