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Are you residing in Chicago and facing a malfunctioning chimney? It is time to contact Modern Chimney Sweep Chicago.

Chimneys are a crucial part of any home, providing ventilation for furnaces and fireplaces. However, chimneys require regular maintenance and cleaning to operate safely and efficiently. That’s where professional chimney sweep services from Air Flows Chicago come in.

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Why Hire Professional Chimney Sweep in Chicago?

Chimney sweeping is a dirty and potentially dangerous job. Attempting to DIY can put your safety at risk. Air Flows Chicago has certified technicians who use the proper tools to clean your chimney quickly and safely.

We use high-powered vacuums to remove creosote buildup and brush down flues. Our cameras inspect for damage. We can also install chimney caps to keep out animals and debris.

Hiring a pro modern chimney sweep Chicago expert ensures the job is done right the first time. We detect issues early before they become costly repairs. Regular cleanings also reduce the risk of a dangerous chimney fire.

modern chimney sweep chicago
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Whole Chimney Sweep Process

Our chimney cleaning process protects your home while thoroughly cleaning the flue. Here’s what you can expect:

We check for damage and decay using cameras when available.

We cover nearby surfaces with protective sheets before starting.

We use specialized chimney brushes to scrub down the entire flue.

Powerful vacuums remove all loose creosote and soot.

Firebox and damper areas are scrubbed clean of debris buildup.

We inspect the chimney cap for any needed repairs.

You receive a written report detailing any issues found.

When to Call Modern Chimney Sweep in Chicago

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends annual chimney inspections and cleanings. However, some chimneys may need more frequent service.

Warning signs it’s time for a chimney sweep include:

Schedule an inspection if you notice any of these issues for peace of mind.

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Trust Air Flows Chicago for Chimney Sweeping

Don’t risk a dirty, damaged chimney causing bigger issues down the road. Air Flows Chicago makes professional chimney sweeping easy and affordable in Chicago.

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Our NFI certified technicians have the expertise to inspect chimneys, clean them thoroughly, and recommend repairs. We take pride in our quality customer service.

Contact Air Flows Chicago today at (773) 729-6599 for chimney sweeping and other chimney services in Chicago. Breathe easier knowing your chimney is clean and safe for proper ventilation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A modern chimney sweep Chicago area thoroughly cleans and inspects your chimney. They brush and vacuum out creosote buildup and soot, inspect for damage using cameras, and make repairs or recommend needed services.

The cost of a modern chimney sweep Chicago depends on the height and type of your chimney, and what services are provided. Expect to pay $125-$300 on average. Routine maintenance cleanings are more affordable than repairs or relining.

A chimney sweep uses humane exclusion devices to get rid of bats and permanently seal chimneys so they can’t re-enter. This protects bats while preventing unsanitary guano buildup.

Search for “chimney sweep in my area” online and look for companies with good reviews and certifications. You can also ask neighbors for referrals to a reputable local modern chimney sweep Chicago experts.

A chimney sweep cleans out creosote and soot, checks for needed repairs, installs chimney caps, and offers maintenance to improve safety and efficiency. Modern chimney sweep Chicago companies have specialized tools and training.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends annual chimney sweeps as regular maintenance. However, it depends on use, with fireplaces needing more frequent sweeping than rarely used chimneys.

A full-service chimney sweeping company provides maintenance sweeps, inspections, repairs, relining, chimney cap installation, fireplace and furnace cleaning, and evaluations.

A modern chimney sweep in Chicago and inspection involves thoroughly brushing and vacuuming the chimney, followed by a camera inspection to check for needed repairs, decay, or other issues.

Certified chimney sweeps have received training on National Fire Protection Association standards for proper cleaning methods, equipment use, and safety procedures.

A full-service chimney sweep company offers a range of chimney services, like maintenance sweeps, chimney inspection service, chimney repair, chimney installation, relining, animal removal, chimney caps, fireplace repair, fireplace cleaning, and more.

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