Commercial Disinfecting Services in Chicago

Commercial Disinfecting Services​

Air Flows Chicago provides top-quality commercial disinfecting services in Chicago. When germs grow in your HVAC, air quality goes down. This can hurt your health. Germs also slow airflow, lower HVAC efficiency, damage surfaces, and cause smells.

Air Flows Chicago has great commercial sanitization services. We fully remove germs from air ducts. First, we take out trash and dirt from the airflow system. Next, we use EPA-OK chemical products. These stop future germ growth in your building. This makes air quality and health better. It also improves energy savings, lowering bills and repairs.

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Complete Disinfecting Process

Our commercial disinfecting services process is full and made for your commercial property. It includes:

We use hospital-grade disinfectants for the best commercial sanitization services. These are safe but kill germs, mold, and fungi. Our techs are trained in proper use.

Complete Disinfecting Process
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Health Benefits of Commercial Sanitization Services

Regular HVAC disinfecting gives many health benefits:

commercial disinfecting services
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Dependable Disinfecting Company

For proven commercial disinfecting services improving air and health, choose Air Flows Chicago. Our qualified techs use hospital-grade antimicrobials and advanced methods to fully sanitize your HVAC.

We are among the best commercial cleaning companies, serving Chicago for years. Our service has a satisfaction guarantee. Call Air Flows Chicago at (773) 729-6599 for a free estimate. Breathe easier with us!

Dependable Disinfecting Company
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Protect Your Space: Chicago's Best Commercial Disinfecting Services​


Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial disinfectant cleaning services use professional-grade disinfectants and advanced methods to thoroughly sanitize business facilities. Commercial disinfecting services clean and disinfect high-traffic areas and surfaces in offices, gyms, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and more.

Commercial cleaning and sanitizing services provide deep cleaning of the entire facility along with disinfection of high-touch areas. Commercial disinfecting services may include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and pathogen elimination.

Emergency disinfection services respond quickly to sanitize a facility after an infectious illness outbreak, virus exposure, or contamination event on site. They use fogging, spraying, and powerful disinfectants to rapidly decontaminate affected areas.

Hospital disinfection services specialize in cleaning and disinfecting healthcare facilities. They follow strict protocols using medical-grade disinfectants registered by the CDC and EPA to eliminate dangerous pathogens.

Disinfecting fog services use specialized fogging equipment to saturate every nook and cranny of a facility with a fine disinfectant mist. This allows full coverage and sanitization of difficult-to-reach areas. The micro-droplets cling to and coat all surfaces.

Commercial kitchen disinfectants are industrial-strength cleaners and sanitizers designed specifically for restaurant and food service kitchens. Commercial disinfecting services for kitchens effectively eliminate dangerous bacteria like Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria on food contact surfaces.

The electrostatic disinfectant treatment uses sprayers that give disinfectant solutions an electric charge. This allows them to attach to and fully coat surfaces for maximum coverage and longer surface contact time resulting in better pathogen elimination.

The industrial disinfection service provides specialized cleaning and sanitization for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, transportation depots, construction sites, and other industrial properties. Industrial and commercial disinfecting services are designed to meet the unique needs of large industrial spaces.

Industrial cleaners and disinfectants contain strong active ingredients specially formulated to cut through heavy soils, grease, and grime on industrial surfaces. Commercial disinfecting services also eliminate germs on heavy machinery, tools, workshop areas, locker rooms, and other industrial zones.

High-touch commercial surfaces like counters, doors, point-of-sale systems, and desks should be disinfected 1-3 times per day.

Benefits of routine commercial disinfection include lower risk of illness and better indoor air quality. Other benefits are reduced odors, decreased mold growth, and prevention of disease outbreaks in the building.

In a commercial kitchen, high-touch areas, food prep surfaces, equipment, serving areas, utensils, and storage areas should all be routinely disinfected.

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