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Common Types of Air Duct Mold

Here at Air Flows Chicago, our professional Chicago mold removal team professionally remove a wide range of mold types from air duct systems at homes and businesses throughout Illinois. Check out this list of the most common types of mold that are found inside air duct systems.


This toxic mold grows over long periods of time, and looks like white powder. This mold is common in damp or moist areas – or any area that comes into contact with water.


This common mold type looks green or brown – with an almost velvety texture. This mold can grow in any location that regularly has water run through it for a while – making it slightly less common to find Alternaria within vents and air ducts.


This rare mold type can appear in many different ways – from green and yellow, to white.


This mold looks brown and cottony, and has color that changes over time, which makes it somewhat hard to identify. It’s usually found on walls – but also is known to grow in vents or air ducts.


This mold is usually found on walls or water damaged surfaces, but can sometimes be found in air ducts and HVAC systems that have experienced even slight water damage.


This highly common mold is found in air vents and air conditioning. It’s extremely dangerous to people’s health, and needs to be tackled and eliminated as soon as it’s found.


This mold is often found in homes, and looks like a spreading black substance – making it easier to find. It can grow on walls, or within air vents or ducts – and is incredibly toxic, making it necessary to eliminate Stachybotrys as soon as it’s detected.


This type of mold usually only grows in moist or wet environments – and can also be found in air vents. It appears like spores, and can rapidly grow and spread – meaning that if it isn’t cleaned early in its growth, it can be much harder to eliminate as it grows.


This mold type can be found in air vents, and is somewhat rare. It’s often found in bathroom and kitchen corners, and looks like a black substance with layers. It’s very hard to remove – which is why professional assistance with sanitization and mold removal is required as soon as it’s spotted.

It’s essential to remove ALL of these mold types as soon as they are spotted at your Chicago area property. Contact Air Flows Chicago as soon possible for expert Chicago HVAC system mold removal service.

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