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Eliminating Bugs from HVAC Systems

Unfortunately, a wide array of insects and pests can live and move through your Chicago air duct and HVAC system. In this blog entry, the Chicago ductwork repair team here at Air Flows Chicago will detail what types of bugs live inside air conditioners and how to eliminate them.

What Bugs Live in AC Vents?
Silverfish live for a long time – nearly 8 years – and love to eat starch (with items like paper and cardboard especially popular.) A few silverfish is normal, but if you notice much more than this, an inspection from a professional might be warranted.
Flies are incredibly common – and a known carrier and vector of disease, so it’s essential to keep them out of your home as much as possible – and ESPECIALLY out of your HVAC system, where their waste can be propelled throughout your home.
These highly annoying insects cause itchy bites, and additionally transmit viruses. In fact, mosquitos can be considered the most dangerous animal on the planet due to the amount of disease that they spread around.
Spiders can easily make their home inside HVAC systems, where the cool dark environment, and accumulation of dirt create an ideal habitat for their breeding and growth. An infestation of venomous spiders is a good reason to contact an exterminator – but the presence of spiders, or other insects, inside your HVAC system can be easily remedied by a professional HVAC system sealing service.
How do bugs get inside air vents?
Bugs enjoy areas that are dark and have moisture. Air conditioning and HVAC units are ideal for bugs to live their lives – and since HVAC units regularly have fluctuating temperatures, they often experience small cracks inside them which provide excellent room for entrance and exit by bugs.
Preventing Bugs from Entering HVAC Systems

Make sure there’s no standing water in and around your home. This is especially important in and around air conditioning units. Make sure there’s no muddy areas or extreme amounts of condensation in the vicinity of your HVAC unit. Animal carcassses also draw insects – so check to see if there’s any dead mice, lizards, birds, or any other animal that might be drawing in flies.

Make sure to regularly clean your central air conditioning unit – as growing dirt or wetness will lure insects like silverfish. Try disconnecting your air conditioner, and using a shop vacuum to clean off all residue or dust. Remove the unit fan and rinse off the blades. When things are dry, put the unit back together.

Make sure to also seal up all air ducts and ensure that screens are installed on air vents. Sealing up ductwork cracking prevents bugs from entering your property. Don’t use duct tape for this – as ductwork will likely crack as the HVAC unit heats up and cools down. We recommend using foil tape or water-based sealant material for sealing ductwork rather than duct tape. Screens prevent bugs from living in your HVAC system – just buy screen material from a hardware store and cut it to fit your vent dimensions, then attach it with staples. Then simply caulk exposed parts around your vent screens!

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