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Places To Visit In Chicago

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Places To Visit In Chicago ,Chicago is one of the best cities in the US for its beauty, natural view and the city attractions. This is the third largest city in the USA and has the pride of landmark features such as high skyscrapers, architectural point, beautiful lakes & riversides etc. So, as a tourist, you will get the best memorable moments in Chicago.

Millenium Park

When you think of an attractive place in Chicago, you must visit Millenium Park, which is one of the finest attraction places. Most of the concert and festivals in Chicago are organized in this place. For the people of the city, this is a place of weekend vibe. All the 25-acre area of the park is decorated with contemporary installation and sculpture which made it very much beautiful.

Places To Visit In Chicago

Cloud Gate

If you are Chicago, you must try this amazing piece of art. This cloud gate is an outstanding mirror type of art which covers most of the area of Millenium Park and the beautiful sky near to your hand This is the place of photo-lover and also known as a beanbag.

Art Institute of Chicago

Tourist in Chicago will definitely fall in love with that beautiful place once they visit the place. More than 3,00,000 artworks are collected in the place for the visitor. You can see Japanese Print, Greek Sculpture, Art-piece of statues will take you to the history.

Navy Pier

For the people who love to relax their time at the riverside, Navy Pier is the best place for them. Here you can get attractions, gardens, restaurants etc, check The big Giant Ferris Wheel is one of the best attractions and you can enjoy plays in Chicago Shakespeare Theatre near to the Navy Pier.

Places To Visit In Chicago

Buckingham Fountain

This Beaux Art-style Buckingham Fountain is located in Grant Park and made by the famous architecture Edward Bennett. This is a huge fountain which sprays height up to 15 stores. There are four water-spouting seahorse statues in that fountain.

Shedd Aquarium

This famous place is located in the lakeshore museum campus of Field Museum. This is a place of 1500 types of species of sea life such as fish, insects, amphibians and birds etc. this is awarded as the most visited aquarium in the US.

Places To Visit In Chicago For More Info Please Give Us A Call At:(866) 494-6778

Field Museum

This is a famous place of natural history. From ancient monuments to civilization, all type of things is presented to the people. There you can see African Elephant’s taxidermy, Native-American arts, tyrannosaurus skeleton is the main attraction of the place.

Besides all these famous points, there is a lot of attractive places which you can visit with your family, friends or alone. Visit Chicago today.

Places To Visit In Chicago For More Info Please Give Us A Call At:(866) 494-6778

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