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Air Flows Chicago provides expert and thorough air duct cleaning service to homes and businesses throughout the Chicagoland area. Both residential and commercial ductwork allows air that’s been heated or cooled by HVAC systems to freely flow through your home. However, when dirt, grime, and microorganisms accumulate within ductwork, your home’s air quality and the energy efficiency of your HVAC system is impacted. This has health consequences due to the spread of allergens and contaminants, while also increasing your energy bill.

How Air Flows Chicago can Purify your Air Ducts and HVAC Systems

By cleaning your air duct systems, Air Flows Chicago’s professional technicians can eliminate the changes that debris, dirt, particulates, and microorganisms will be sent throughout your home when your heat or air conditioning is turned on. This lowers the risk of physical discomfort or issues like allergies or asthma. Contact Air Flows Chicago today for rapid and professional air duct cleaning. Our experts further advise you to regularly replace your HVAC system’s filters, to ensure that your air filters fit properly and are MERV rated, and that your HVAC system is cleaned on – at least – an annual basis.

Air Flows Chicago Air Duct Cleaning Process:

Step One - Duct Inspection

Air Flows Chicago will inspect the ducts visually, and possibly with cameras to determine the extent of soiling, damage, and backup – as well as for leaking or kinks in duct work.

Step Two - Negative Pressure Creation

Being the preferred cleaning company in Chicago, we use a thorough and proven procedure to make sure all your air ducts are entirely cleaned out. Our technicians will arrive after you contact us and immediately get to work.

Step Three - Dust Agitation

Then, our technicians will clean each duct individually utilizing rotating brushes, vacuum cleaners, and compressed air to dislodge and collect any remaining dust and/or other particulates.

Step Four - Additional Cleaning

Our team will then clean all other aspects of your HVAC system ranging from it’s drain pan and it’s evaporator coil to it’s blower motor and all other solid or moving mechanical components.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the AirFlow Chicago’ AIR DUCT CLEANING CHICAGO service.
Absolutely not. Our team will take care to seal and contain all openings to your HVAC system to establish steady pressure and reduce the possibility of spreading dust around. Our air duct cleaning service is clean, efficient, and safe for all belongings and decor in your room – which, if need be, we will cover with a temporary protective material.
You can expect highly efficient air duct cleaning service that rapidly reduces a wide variety of dust, particulates and contaminants from yoru HVAC system. Expect improved air quality, mor energy efficiency from your heating and cooling systems, and, of course, high-quality, courteous, and affordable service.
Remove clutter from around your house, check your furnaces and A/C units for obstructions, make sure all pets and children are secure in a separate area, and when your contractors arrive, provide them a quick tour of your home to show them where all elements of your ductwork and HVAC systems are located.
This depends on how large your property size is, how many HVAC systems are present, and of course, the level of dirt and contamination in your ductwork. Our thorough approach intends on efficiency – yet powerfully – revitalizing the quality of your interior ductwork. Generally, standard air duct cleaning service takes between 3 to 6 hours to complete, while larger commercial projects may take a bit longer.
We recommend cleaning your HVAC system, all ductwork, and all components like condenser coils and exhaust ducts every 3-5 years depending on how many people (and animals) reside in your property. Clean ductwork more frequently if there’s smoking in the homes, highly shedding pets, water contamination or HVAC system damage, residents with asthma, when moving to a new property, and lastly, after renovations or remodeling service is completed.


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