Commercial Air Filter Installation

Expert Commercial Air Filter Installation and Changing Services

If you need a brand new air filter installed at your Chicago area commercial property, or are changing out an older or malfunctioning air filter, Air Flows Chicago can provide you instant solutions. We’re the team to rely on for expert air filtration product installation for all forms of commercial properties. We install a wide range of pre-manufactured air filters and filtration devices, as well as providing full HVAC preventative maintenance service to ensure that your HVAC systems are properly working and providing you with clean, energy efficient air. Our air filter installation service is popular with office buildings, retail locations, strip malls, and even industrial facilities. We will measure your needs based on the size of your property and traffic flow and ensure that your filter will be perfectly fit - even for custom areas.

How often should commercial air filters be changed?

At a bare minimum, all filters should be replaced or cleaned at least quarterly. This is the standard for HVAC units that are used in relatively dry and clean environments such as office spaces.

Maintaining Commercial HVAC Air FIltration Systems

In order to keep your commercial HVAC system properly operational, it’s essential to have them inspected regularly and to ensure that it’s outfit with well-maintained and efficient filters. If you use the wrong type of air filtration system - or improperly maintain the air filtration system - you will lower the quality of the air in your property as well as force your HVAC system to expend more energy as it strains harder.

It’s recommended that your commercial building ventilation system filters receive a MERV rating from 8-14. A professional ventilation cleaning service provider, like the experts here at Air Flows Chicago can help you make sure that your HVAC and air filtration systems are matched to industry standards for sustainable and quality operation. The National Air FIltration Association as well as ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers have quality guidelines published for cleaning commercial air filtration systems.

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