Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Professional Chicago Kitchen Hood Cleaning

It’s essential for you to clean the kitchen hoods at your Chicago properties in order to maintain the hygiene and safety of your restaurant. By allowing grease to build up in kitchen hoods, you increase your risk of fire, with nearly 43 percent of restaurant fires beginning due to cooking oils or grease. By having your commercial hood professionally cleaned by the team here at Air Flows Chicago, you can greatly reduce your fire hazard.

Air Flows Chicago cleans your kitchen hood on site with high quality, EPA safe ingredients and heated pressure wash.. We can order and purchase brand new filters perfectly fit for your equipment. We additionally clean out all nearby roof fan units, residual grease build up, ducts, exhaust systems, and all nearby ductwork!

Benefits of Air Flows Chicago’s expert commercial kitchen hood cleaning include:

  • Reducing the risk of kitchen fires
  • Improved kitchen air circulation
  • Improved kitchen hygiene
  • Reduced risk of slips caused by excess grease
  • Saves Money
  • Increase the Kitchen Overall Cleanliness
  • Runs Quieter

How Regularly does my Restaurant Kitchen Hood need to be cleaned?

It’s recommended by the National Fire Protection Agency to have your kitchen hood cleaned every 3 months, but potentially more regularly if it’s used very heavily. Wood or charcoal burning stoves require monthly inspection and cleaning. The regularity of cleaning should be determined on a range of factors including the volume of customers, what food is being cooked, and what type of cooking equipment is being used.

The NFPA suggests the following cleaning frequencies for these stove or restaurant types:

  • Wood or Charcoal Burning Stoves - Monthly to Weekly Basis.
  • 24- Hour or High Volume Restaurants - Quarterly to 6 times annually.
  • Fast-food or hamburger restaurants - Quarterly to 6 times annually.
  • Charbroiler or Wok Restaurants - Quarterly to 6 times annually.
  • Hoods above non-grease making appliances - Every year or two.
  • Dishwashers, steam kettles, or soup vats - Every year or two.
  • Churches, senior centers, and day camps - Every year.
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