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Hiring chimney sweep services in the Chicago area means leveraging professionals with adequate training to inspect, diagnose, and repair hazards associated with chimney maintenance. While some states make it a legal requirement to sweep chimneys once in a while, it remains your duty to guarantee the safety of your family or tenants residing in the property. If you’re a landlord, you’d want to clean the chimney every time a new tenant comes in. For homeowners, you would like to do it as soon as you need it.
Professional chimney sweepers schedule maintenance for prolonged periods of up to three or five years. You only need to worry about the firewood as someone else worries about the conditions of your chimney system. Remember, central heating is a service you can hardly forgo, especially in colder seasons such as winter. Let’s look at what you should expect in a chimney sweep.

Can You Clean a Chimney Yourself?

Depending on skills, patience, and schedule, you can do a DIY sweep on your chimney system. Even so, the process can be somewhat messy and may end up taking days instead of a few hours, especially if doing it for the first time. There is also a high likelihood that you may have to purchase or rent the necessary tools needed to do the job. Put all that to bed by hiring an expert chimney sweeper to save you time and resources. Reach out to us via for all-in-one chimney sweeping services.

Why Should You Hire an Expert to Do the Job?

Hiring an expert is your best bet to have the job completed on time and minimize accidents. Chimney technicians from registered companies have valid insurance covers that shield you from any liability in the event of a work accident. Most importantly, experts charge a fraction of what you spend if you do the job alone. You’ll not expose your loved ones and pets to the dangers of an incomplete project.


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What is the Process of Modern Chimney Sweep?

Sweeping a chimney isn’t that complicated if done the right way. Technicians will use standard chimney brushes and modern equipment such as vacuum cleaners and cameras to reach all the corners. Depending on the amount of dirt, the entire process can take about an hour or two. Even so, it may take longer if you have creosote or flue damage. Technicians will do current sweeps from the chimney’s bottom to prevent dust and debris dispersion.

When Should Experts Sweep Your Chimney?

Unlike most systems, your chimney will hardly show prevalent maintenance signs unless it experiences extensive damage. The Chimney Safety Institute of America notes that homeowners should sweep their chimneys at 1/8-inch of soot buildup or as soon as they notice inefficiency in the system.

How to Get Reliable Chimney Sweep Services

The surest way of getting experts you can trust with your chimney system is through direct references and recommendations. You can check customer reviews on various online community forums. The expert who does a decent job on your neighbor’s chimney will likely do the same on yours. Alternatively, you can also click to talk to experts who can handle different job scopes to your satisfaction. You can also dial 773-729-6599 for 24/7 emergency responses.



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