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Residential Disinfection Service in Chicago

Air Flows Chicago disinfect hospitals, healthcare facilities, offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses

We use only industrial-strength disinfecting solutions approved by the CDC and FDA. Industrial Disinfectants Service local near me in Chicago, IL.

A Reliable Coronavirus Cleaning Disinfection Company Chicago

With the coronavirus infecting people across the globe, it’s more important than ever to keep our Chicago environments clean. When you’re dealing with germs, surface cleaning isn’t enough. Air Flows Chicago is a trustworthy coronavirus cleaning disinfection company in Chicago. Just call us at 773-729-6599 if you’d like to learn more about our services.
We Can Provide Decontamination Services For All Types Of Properties

We provide deep cleaning for homes and for commercial buildings. We can decontaminate your apartment, your office, or any other type of building. We have years of cleaning and disinfecting experience and are able to thoroughly clean properties of all types.

We work with all types of clients and would love to help you clean and disinfect your property. When you work with us, you won’t just get a standard cleaning service. We have a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to cleaning, and we’ll use that to help you.


We Can Get Rid Of Viruses And Bacteria

When you work with us, you can rest assured that your building will be as clean as it looks. We use equipment and products that allow us to clean 99.9% of all viruses. We’ll scrub all surfaces, even the areas that are hard to reach.

We’re cleaning professionals, which is why we have access to some of the best cleaning tools and equipment available. We’ll send highly-trained workers to clean your property. We’ll take the time to disinfect all surfaces and fully decontaminate the building.

Let Our Professionals Disinfect Your Workplace With Our Misting Service. Call For A Quote. Misting Allows Us To Cover Large Areas Quickly. Minimal Downtime & Maximum Effectiveness. Broad-Spectrum. Phase Treatments. Free Estimate. Afterhours Treatments.

Our Team is Committed to your Satisfaction

Our team maintains a steadfast commitment to meeting all of our clients unique disinfection needs. When you contact Air Flows Chicago, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll receive professional, efficient, and custom-tailored service – right when you need it!

Our team always goes above and beyond to achieve the satisfaction of our clients – your health and safety is our greatest priority. Reach out to Air Flows Chicago today, and let us know a little more about exactly what type of services you require, and the unique needs of your property. Our expert disinfection technicians will work directly with you to ensure that you receive uniquely attentive service with the utmost skill, speed, and courtesy.


Call us for hvac cleaning company chicago service in Chicago. Air Flows Chicago provides professional hvac cleaning company chicago in Chicago and surrounding areas. A professional air duct cleaning company. Enjoy breathing clean and fresh air all year round by getting your heating or cooling system’s ducts and vents professionally cleaned.

Air Flows Chicago Provides Disinfection at Reasonable Rates

The COVID-19 pandemic caught us all off guard, and we understand if you haven’t set aside a budget for disinfection cleaning services. That’s why we at Air Flows Chicago strive to maintain affordable rates for all of our services, flexibly accommodating to the needs of your property. Contact us today for more information about our custom tailored disinfection services.

Nobody should have to pay an arm and a leg to clean and disinfect their home or business. Air Flows Chicago provides transparent and affordable rates for our clean (and powerful!) disinfection services in order to ensure that clients of all budgets can receive our microbe eliminating services.

If you want to work with Chicago’s leading disinfection and decontamination service provider, reach out to Air Flows Chicago today! A member of our trained and professional team will answer all your questions and schedule a cleaning time for you at your convenience.

HVAC Disinfection and Contaminant Elimination Service

Microbial contaminants present in HVAC systems can cause bad smells, make air quality unsafe, cause allergies, and even damage your furniture and surfaces – not to mention potentially spreading disease! Here at Air Flows Chicago, we specialize in the elimination of microbes from HVAC systems, and our technicians have the necessary training to quickly pinpoint the signs of microbial spread in order to handle them according to all stated EPA guidelines.

Our technicians utilize professional HEPA filtered containment technology to capture and take out all debris from your HVAC system and air ducts, cleaning it – and will then move on to apply EPA approved cleaning and disinfection products to inhibit and prevent the chances of further future microbial growth. Contact Air Flows Chicago today for expert, rapid, and affordable residential disinfection services.



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