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The Effect of Changing Weather on AC Systems

In this blog entry, the Chicago residential HVAC system cleaning and Chicago air duct repair service team here at Air Flows Chicago will detail the ways that changing weather and changing seasons can mess with your AC and heating bills, as well as the operational abilities of your HVAC systems.


Heat in the Winter and HVAC Systems

Heating your home during the Winter can increase energy bills. Since air conditioning is usually used in the Summer to move heat from a hot indoors, HVAC units work best in areas with hot climates. Freezing temperatures can seriously damage HVAC units. Water may drip down from cooling coils, but when coils freeze in the Winter, they can work at half capacity. 

Some HVAC units have low energy heat settings that you can activate in the Winter for energy savings. Another common reason that changing seasons increase energy bills is when clogged air ducts block air flow. Pet dander, dust, and dirt can all contribute to this blockage, stopping heat or cool air from escaping. If you don’t remember the last time you had your air ducts cleaned, reach out to Air Flows Chicago today for rapid Chicago air duct cleaning service.

HVAC Unit Inspection
If your energy bills are running suspiciously high in the Winter, check if your HVAC unit needs an update. Many modern HVAC units come with Winter settings, but may still require maintenance and inspection. Turning heat settings on in the Winter can cause a subtle environmental change that increases the growth of mildew and mold if the unit runs for too long. High quality air duct cleaning service will include deep sanitizing and deodorizing to prevent and eliminate contaminants like mold and mildew from affecting operation of your HVAC unit.

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