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Key Points to Consider Before Air Conditioning Repair with Air Flows Chicago:

Before embarking on any AC repair project for your home or office, it’s crucial to understand key aspects of AC systems. Often, when AC malfunctions occur, individuals attempt DIY fixes without a full grasp of the underlying principles. While basic maintenance is possible with a good understanding, complex heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) tasks are best left to professionals.

Understanding AC Repair Services:

Traditional AC units consist of two main components: the evaporator and the condenser. The condenser compresses freon gas, transferring it through a heat exchanger to remove heat and convert it into liquid. The liquid then passes through an expansion valve into the evaporator, where it expands back into a gas, absorbing heat from the surrounding environment to cool it. The process repeats cyclically.

Leave Complex Repairs to Experts:

The condenser and evaporator units are sealed, prohibiting DIY repairs. Trained HVAC contractors are necessary for addressing malfunctions in either component. However, homeowners can perform basic maintenance tasks, such as cleaning mesh guards to prevent debris accumulation.

Troubleshooting Tips for Homeowners:

  1. System Doesn’t Run: Check circuit breakers, fuses, and thermostat settings. Lower the thermostat by 5 degrees before seeking professional help.

  2. No Cooling: Inspect the thermostat and clear any obstructions around the condenser’s air intake. Ensure the fan fins are straight. If issues persist, contact a professional technician.

  3. Erratic Cooling: Clean the condenser, and ensure it’s not obstructed by vegetation. Check for levelness, as an uneven condenser can impact performance.

Why DIY Repairs are Challenging:

Due to sealed units, DIY repairs are limited to cleaning blocked evaporators or condensers. Regular maintenance can prevent such issues, but it’s safer and more effective to have professionals handle these tasks consistently.

Choosing Professional Services:

Opt for reputable AC repair services like Air Flows Chicago, which offer free estimates and guarantees on both labor and parts. Look for warranties on replaced parts and take advantage of any available discounts.


For optimal AC performance, entrust complex HVAC tasks to professionals like Air Flows Chicago. DIY attempts may lead to further complications and safety hazards. Prioritize professional services for reliable and effective solutions. Visit the official website for more information.

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