Commercial Air Duct Cleaning 

Air Flows Chicago provides thorough air duct cleaning services to all kinds of commercial locations in Chicago and the surrounding regions. Commercial locations of all sizes rely on their HVAC systems which allow their indoor temperatures and atmosphere to be comfortable for employees and pleasant for customers and clients. 

Because of their very important function, it is essential that these systems are kept properly cleaned and maintained. Vents will slowly fill with a collection of accumulated airborne contaminants which can affect airflow and reduce air quality. Regular cleaning will ensure that these particles are eliminated and the air quality of your commercial location is kept optimal. 

Another problem that can arise can have more serious implications to your health and property. If the slightest bit of moisture is added to the airborne contaminants in your ventilation system a mold situation can soon arise. 

Mold is a serious problem as the minuscule mold spores can be a health hazard as they waft through the air and are inhaled by those inside. Furthermore, they can be spread to other locations and form new mold colonies that can damage your property and commercial assets. As experts, Checklist Maids in handling these issues, we can give you some important pointers on keeping your vents free from molds and all other pollutants. 

Commercial air duct cleaning chicago area


Air Flows Chicago provides commercial air duct cleaning services to all types of locations including:

• Gyms

• Retail Spaces

• Theatres

• Schools

• Medical Buildings

• Hotels

• Business Offices

• Hospitals


Our Mission

At Air Flows Chicago we apply only the latest state of the art equipment and procedures to ensure that commercial air duct systems are left in excellent condition and in perfect working order. It is our mission to build a good relationship with our clients and be called back again if they should ever need our help again in the future.

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In addition to our skill, expertise, and commitment to excellence, we also offer the most affordable and competitive prices you will find in Chicago This is what demonstrates our value to our clients and ensures many recommendations and repeat customers. If you have a commercial location and need your air ducts and vents serviced the professional way –– call us up today for a free no-obligation estimate at (866) 494-6778.