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Residential air duct cleaning Chicago, IL

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Residential air duct cleaning Chicago, IL  One of the most important things most of us think about for our family is their health. We want to do the things that are necessary to reduce the chance of someone getting sick. That’s why we get vaccinations, use antibacterial soap, and pay attention to diet and exercise.

However, there are even more things we can do to help our families stay well. Healthy homes need more than just regular cleaning in the living space. They also need cleaner air for us to breathe as we work, play, and sleep inside the home. In a city the size of Chicago, and even in adjoining areas of Illinois, there are plenty of resources for addressing those needs. It’s true throughout the USA, and it’s why in Chicago and the rest of Illinois are calling (866) 494-6778 to have Air Flows Chicago give them a free estimate.

You may wonder how the air couldn’t be clean when you dust and vacuum consistently. The answer is that it’s not the living space you should be concerned about. It’s the air handling system, the network of vents and ducts that keep your home at a comfortable temperature. The dust and bacteria that build up there can make air duct cleaning a huge benefit for your family in many different ways, and they make it an easy decision to get a free estimate from Air Flows Chicago by calling (866) 494-6778 to start planning air duct cleaning.

There’s no way to avoid having dust in the home. You know that from your weekly cleanup inside the home. The movement of dirty outdoor air, the lint generated from a clothes dryer, and countless other sources will generate dust in your home no matter what you do, and no furnace filter can get 100% of it.

The Best Residential air duct cleaning Chicago, IL Just Call Us Now:(866) 494-6778

Residential air duct cleaning Chicago, IL 

A Healthier Home

In time, that dust can begin to harbor dust mites and bacteria, leading to problems with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments. When this problem emerges, many people look at the wrong solution. Instead of contacting the quality cleaners at Air Flows Chicago with a quick call to (866) 494-6778, they waste time and money on their own solutions when they could have solved everything with a thorough air duct cleaning conducted by professionals. The Best Residential air duct cleaning Chicago, IL Just Call Us Now:(866) 494-6778

By getting an air duct cleaning, you can remove the ultimate stockpile of dust from your home, creating a healthier environment for your family. Homeowners throughout Chicago IL and the rest of the USA are able to create that healthier environment with cleaner air through the simple process of a duct cleaning, and a Free Estimate from Air Flows Chicago is easy to set up with a call to (866) 494-6778. They will review your home or other building from top to bottom, checking all the various factors involved in the job so that they can give you an accurate and reliable quote that you can count on in your budget.

The work they will do goes far beyond what the homeowner can do. Many of us might reach into the ductwork with a vacuum hose as we replace filters or clean registers, but that doesn’t even come close to what a professional company can do. Their equipment and personnel are capable of getting deep cleaning throughout the entire system, capturing the maximum dust and removing it from your home quickly all while containing the mess far better than you could do yourself. The Best Residential air duct cleaning Chicago, IL Just Call Us Now:(866) 494-6778

Longer Life for Heating & Cooling

In addition to making a less healthy environment, dust is the enemy of your heating and cooling system as well. Building components that are loaded down with dirt have to work harder to accomplish what they are designed to do when they are burdened by dirty ducts.

Getting an air duct cleaning from Air Flows Chicago can dramatically improve the performance of heating and cooling systems. Quality air duct cleaning not only creates a healthier environment, it also makes it easier for air to flow through the building and reduces the subsequent strain on blower motors and electrical components.

This hard work required to push air through dirty filters and constricted ducts will cause motors to wear out more quickly, potentially leaving you with a failure during hot or cold weather–the times when you need climate control the most. Add that inconvenience to the sizable bill you can expect after a repair, and you’ll soon see why Air Flows Chicago can help more than just your physical health. They’ll help with your financial health as well.

Reduced Mold

There are many problems with mold. It’s unsightly, to begin with, and that is how many of us know there is a problem. But the presence of mold and mildew in bathrooms isn’t just a sign you need to clean it. It’s also evidence that you need to get professional cleaners in for an air duct cleaning to reduce the impact of that Chicago humidity on your air.

The humidity that permits mold growth in the house also permits it in the ducts, where only professional cleaners can remove it. Because of its location, mold of this type is blown throughout the building every time the fan activates, spreading the mold and stirring it up to where occupants inhale it. This is a real hazard that calls for a quick phone call to Chicago to (866) 494-6778 to get quality cleaners scheduled to work on your home.

Many people misunderstand the seriousness of mold. They think that we are exposed to so much mold outdoors that it doesn’t make much difference if there is some inside as well. They may even think it helps build up their resistance to it. Or they may think that all mold is the same, without realizing just how incredibly unhealthy it can be to be exposed to certain types of mold that aren’t found outdoors. They also fail to realize that sometimes, the indoors are the only refuge for people with conditions like asthma, and that indoor mold can exacerbate their problem.

The Best Residential air duct cleaning Chicago, IL Just Call Us Now:(866) 494-6778

Odor Control

Sometimes our homes just pick up strange odors, and no matter what we do, the smells won’t go away. We can burn scented candles, spray air fresheners, and clean surfaces thoroughly but still smell the mystery odor. How does this happen?

The answer is that the smell is being harbored in the dust that has accumulated inside ducts. Dust is often dry and fluffy, so any odor that enters the space can soak into the dust and continuously be refreshed throughout the home, no matter what other cleaning takes place. The longer the dust stays in place, the longer the odor can endure.

Thorough duct cleaning will take care of this. Every speck of dust that leaves your home with the cleaning company will take a little touch of that unpleasant odor with it, leaving you in control of what your home smells like. Although this isn’t a daily problem, it’s a real issue when we take drastic measures that we see the real benefit of a duct cleaning. Sprays and candles are expensive and can stain surfaces, and candles can be a significant fire hazard.

Even just airing out the house by opening windows and doors can not only run up your climate control costs, it can also allow other smells and addition dust to get into the house. You are far better off to eliminate materials that harbor odors rather than try to cover them up later on. With a preventive duct cleaning, most smells will only linger briefly inside the home, with no additional mess or expense for you to deal with.

We want our homes clean, inside and out. Normally, the inside that we think about is the living space, the areas where we sleep, cook, bathe, and spend time with family. We feel like if we do a great job staying current on the dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and glass cleaning that the inside of the house is clean.

The truth is that it’s only part of the story. The inside of our homes goes much deeper than what we enter from outdoors, and it’s far less visible than the rooms where we spend our time. The indoors of our home certainly includes those spaces, but it also includes spaces where we can’t go.

Residential air duct cleaning Chicago, IL

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